Would You Like To Get Into Sublimation Printing........

But feel HESITANT to start?

If this is how you feel, I’d say you are one of the sensible ones……….
Too many people rush straight in and make costly mistakes, wasting money on printers that are ridiculously expensive to run, and heat presses that are down right dangerous!
If you are keen to try your hand at sublimation, but feel concerned about wasting money on the wrong equipment, You are in the right place.
You’re not the only one who has too many unanswered questions, about this exciting and profitable method of printing.
Plenty of people have concerns that the process will be too difficult, or worry that once they have purchased their kit, they’ll struggle to use it.
They may even worry whether they’ll be able to sell the goods once they’re made.
But you shouldn’t worry because  I can help you!
First I’d like to share my story……..
When I met my wife Charly, it was love at first sight, she was everything I had wished for in a life partner. She was hilariously funny, attractive, tall, slim and intelligent. We shared all the same values and morals. Meeting Charly was like winning the lottery!
Shortly after getting married Charly wanted to start a family. I was both excited and scared. I was scared because Charly was the main bread winner and I couldn’t see how we’d make ends meet, if she gave up work.
I had to figure out a way of creating a ‘work from home business’, that could supplement my income.
After months of racking my brains, for money making ideas. I finally stumbled upon Sublimation printing!
And boy I am so glad I did. It was just the answer I had been searching for.
Over time it provided the extra cash we needed, and all from a fun business that Charly could fit around her our newborn daughter Poppy.
If you think this sounds too good to be true, you’d be right!
It was far from easy and we made every mistake in the book. We made our way by trial and error.
I’d be embarrassed to admit how many failed mugs and coasters ended up in our bin, because of our lack of experience.
The truth is, it was a lot more difficult than we’d realised. Matching colours was a nightmare.
Our trial and error method of learning was costly, time consuming and frustrating.
But we persevered. Slowly we got really good at our craft, and we also learned what designs sold the best.
To say we eventually found success was an understatement. We scaled our fun, home business to the point where we were selling over a Thousand pounds worth of mugs a day in peak times. Yes you read that correctly over £1000 a day!
Having learned the hard, slow way I feel we are now in a position to help others to succeed in sublimation printing.
I have developed an easy to follow online training course called ‘Sublimation A Short Cut To Success’ and it really is your short cut to success!
It is almost like having Charly and I standing beside you, whilst you make your way on this exciting new journey.

Make Sales, Even If You Know Nothing About Sublimation!

Getting started in sublimation printing can be a minefield.

Your first challenge will be navigating around the vast choice of equipment on the market.

Choosing between heat presses, printers, papers, inks, software and even blanks can lead to months of paralysing research.

My 10 module course, will guide you effortlessly, towards the correct equipment, that will give you great results, without breaking the bank.

By the time you’ve finished Module 5 you’ll already know more than most other people in the industry.

I’ll teach you how you can get amazing colours without, buying expensive inks!

I’ll take you step by step through making your first product!

I’ll share with you all my mistakes, so you can avoid them!
In the final module I will share all my secrets of how we sold our products giving you plenty of practical ideas that you can actually use.

The internet is full of free sublimation advice, unfortunately some of this online help is incorrect and can offer conflicting opinions.

What I have done in this course, is organise all the help and advice you need into a logical order, that will be easy for you to follow.
I know that my course will give you the confidence to get started.

This course will save you time and money.

What Will You Get?

  • Module 1  Introduction To Sublimation
  • Module 2 Equipment Required Part 1
  • Module 3 Equipment Part 2
  • Module 4 Image Editing Software
  • ​​Module 5 Understanding ICC Profiles
  • Module 6 Optimum Printer Settings
  • Module 7 Making Your First Product
  • Module 8 Mug Printing
  • Module 9 Top Tips
  • ​Module 10 Selling Your Goods ***Special Bonus Module***


At checkout you’ll create a login. Then you’ll be taken to a private members area, where you can access the entire course.

You are free to come and go as you please, so that you can learn at your own pace.

You can watch the modules as often as you wish.

This is a great course to buy, it has really helped Myself and my husband, Michael and Charly are a great couple, nothing is too much trouble for them. I would highly recommend 😊
Debbie Dawson
I just wanted to say I recently purchased your 'Sublimation a Short-Cut to Success' course and may I add this is just what I needed. I have watched so many YouTube videos and online content to understand how to get started and this course dives straight in, it is succinct, to the point, more importantly gives immediate direction without fluff. Absolutely fantastic! I have purchased my Epson Printer, got my heat press and paper and now just need to put everything into action. Oh and your section on ICC profiles is excellent, this was so new to me and never heard of before. I would urge anyone wishing to start sublimation to give this course a go, it is money well spent, will save you time and might I add affordable. Thank you, can’t wait to start creating!
Shainara Soge

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