Sublimation Conversion Kit For Epson Printers

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Suitable For Epson Et-2710 or Et-2711 Et-2720 Et-2750 Et-2714 Et-2726

Everything you need to successfully convert a regular Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation printing.

Get off to the correct start and avoid all the pitfalls!

This kit enables you to source your own affordable printer and use it for sublimation.


  1. ICC Profile (delivered as an email attachment)
  2. A set of 4 Sublinova Smart inks (Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black)
  3. A pack of A4 Sublisure paper (100 sheets)
  4. A set of 4 blunt ended ink syringes.
  5. Video Instructions detailing the advanced printer settings required.

(Does not include printer)

IMPORTANT: This Kit is for use with laptops and PCs using the Windows operating system, It is not suitable for Mac users.


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The key to using a standard printer for sublimation printing is using the correct ICC profile.

The profile is a file stored on your computer, that ensures your printer reproduces colours more accurately.

Most beginners fail to realise that the profile has been deliberately created not only for a specific model of printer, but also for a particular brand of ink and paper.

In this kit we’ve bundled together the perfect blend of consumables for the Epson Et-2710 or Et-2711 Et-2720 Et2750 Et-2714 ET-2726

This is the exact combination of equipment we use for A4 printing in our own printing business.

IMPORTANT: to reproduce accurate colours, it is super critical that you use the exact advanced printer settings as we do. This kit will include detailed (Video) instructions for these settings.




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