Heat Presses


Blanks Sublimation have a range of Heat Presses to suit your requiremments and budget.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a chemical process that depends on molecular bonding. It requires precise heat press settings for three aspects: time, temperature and pressure.

Choosing a Sublimation Heat Press

A heat press may look like an unsophisticated piece of equipment, but what you don’t see makes a difference when it comes to reliability and results.

Blanks Sublimation have a basic range and a ‘Professional’ range, so whatever level of experience you are there is an option for you.

Key requirements when choosing your press.

Platen Configuration

Most sublimation substrates are pressed using a flat heat press, these are available in several sizes.

Platen Size

Platen size is the most important factor when choosing a heat press, as it determines the maximum image sizes that can be applied.

Equal heat across the entire surface is important for high-quality sublimation.

Manual or Pneumatic

Platen pressure is controlled by adjusting a knob, which activates a jack-screw system that raises or lowers the upper platen in relation to the lower platen.

The gap should be increased or decreased, depending on the item’s thickness or thinness.

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