Sublimation Paper


Blank Sublimation believe that the quality of the paper you use to transfer your designs will vastly affect your results.

Why is the paper important?

When we first started printing we experimented with various cheap papers, the results were astonishingly bad.

These cheap papers simply did not dry quickly enough, which meant that the inks were still damp whilst we were trying to position the paper on to the mug.

Great print quality

Cheap paper leads to smudging or ghosting of images. Even after leaving the printed paper to dry for a couple of hours, we still experienced problems.

Vibrance of colours

The colour quality was also pretty poor. When we switched up to Sublisure paper the improvement was immediately noticeable.

Best quality but excellent value

For a small amount of extra money we discovered papers that could be pressed straight out of the printer, without smudging.

The images were more vibrant with excellent colour matching.

Recommending the best

The paper we sell on this website, is the paper we actually use ourselves in the printing side business.